Senin, 17 April 2017

LABOUM(라붐) - 'Hwi hwi (휘휘)' Official M/V

I am a fan of these amazing and talented girls ever since "Love Sign" Album. I wish they could gain more popularity because they really deserve it. They have been working really hard. Fighting Laboum!!

공민지(Minzy) - 니나노 (Feat. 플로우식(Flowsik)) Music Video

I put such a high expectation towards her debut because she is really
inspiring for those who has just re-started again her career in Kpop
Industry. Her voice is really noticeable because of her unique tone and
her dancing skills are extraordinary. Her fashion sense is still
impressive as always. I am wishing her the best of luck and thank you
for appearing in several variety shows and proved to us that you are a